Social Values and Health

We supported research by Professor Peter Littlejohns and Dr Katharina Kieslich (King’s College, London) by testing the contents and concept of their Decision-Making Audit Tool (DMAT) to help patients and the public work alongside NHS, local authority and other professionals to make decisions about what services to commission or fund (or stop funding). Collaborating with Uscreates,  we created a prototype online version for further review and international testing.

You can read more about the background to DMAT and the ongoing research in the BMJ Open article Does accountability for reasonableness work?


We worked with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Research and Development Team to review the social value judgement principles which underpin their decisions on how health and social care resources are allocated.  Facilitating Citizens Council meetings,  we helped members explore and articulate what they understand by equity and efficiency in this context and what other values should shape NICE’s approach, such as dignity, compassion, right to life, intergenerational fairness and autonomy.  Read more about the Citizens Council meeting and the public consultation on social values here.