Leadership and Healthy Placemaking

In 2020, Catherine joined a panel of distinguished academics and practitioners to discuss health and placemaking at the Festival of Place organised by leading built environment journal The Developer. You can watch the event here.  Along with Jo Birch from the University of Sheffield, she also presented the ideas behind What if All Local Plans Were Landscape-led? at the Urbanistas London Expo #32.

Catherine helped the Local Government Association (LGA) and thinktank Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) to explore the opportunities for councils and their partners in health and the voluntary sector to improve health and environmental sustainability and provide more effective health and care services.  She worked closely with LGiU providing advice on the implications of the 2012 health reforms for councils, jointly devising and delivering a series of learning events for members and stakeholders. On behalf of the LGA, she also convened and facilitated a workshop for local government leaders to discuss the opportunities and risks presented by the health and social care reforms for community wellbeing and environmental sustainability specifically. Changing climate, changing conversations provides examples of local action to illustrate the significance of climate change to assessing need and tackling health inequalities, local leadership, managing risk and improving community resilience.  You may also be interested in her workshop presentation for the Healthy Communities legacy event and short  briefing note written with Ben Cave.