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Social Values and Health

With colleagues from the joint University College London/King’s College London Social Values and Health Priority Setting Group:

We need to talk about values: a proposed framework for the articulation of normative reasoning in health technology assessment Health Economics, Policy and Law, 23 September 2023

Affordability and non-perfectionism in moral action Ethical theory and Moral Practice, 14 September 2019

The ethics and practice of disinvestment: on knowing what not to do in health and social care Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, King’s College London, May 2019

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, social values and healthcare priority setting Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 2 April 2019

Cost effective but unaffordable: an emerging challenge for health systems BMJ Editorial, 22 March 2017

Challenges for the new Cancer Drugs Fund The Lancet Oncology, March 2016

Cost-effectiveness and social values recommendations for revising NICE’s social value judgements: an open letter to NICE December 2014

With participants at a Brocher Foundation workshop on participation and accountability in health prioritisation:

Slutsky J. et al Patterns of public participation: Opportunity structures and mobilization from a cross-national perspective Journal of Health Organization and Management, Vol. 30 Issue: 5 (2016)

Worth a Look

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