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With leading charity consultant Richard Sved of 3rd Sector Mission Control, Catherine conducted a review of the governance and welfare support functions of the Architects Benevolent Society which is going through a period of modernisation and development.  This includes changing its articles to reflect a move towards an additional and complementary organisational objective of prevention in

Durham University’s Built Infrastructure for Older People’s Care in Conditions of Climate Change (BIOPICCC) was a 3-year research project which worked closely with local authorities to develop strategies to ensure infrastructures and systems supporting health and social care for older people are resilient to the harmful impacts of climate change, particularly extreme or severe weather events.  Though

Catherine created a framework for patient and public involvement in the HAPIOR programme (Health Protection and Improvement with Operational Research) led by Professor Alec Morton, University of Strathclyde and Professor Martin Utley, University College London.  HAPIOR is a Department of Health and Social Care responsive research unit focusing on policy and methodology relating to vaccination