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Keep on the grass: The language of signs A playful exploration of instruction in public places Free exhibition at the Building Centre, London WC1E 7BT   Keep on the grass grew out of conversations I had with colleagues about the role of signs in making people feel welcome in public places, particularly parks. I’d been

April 18, 2024

Call the Midwife was first aired by the BBC in 2012 and is now into its thirteenth series. The narrative arc of each episode may be predictable, but the female-centred storylines remain compelling and something of a rarity. Not to mention the bicycles used for home visits.  Set in East London’s Poplar district, the programme

January 24, 2024

Last year, colleagues from Highgate Cemetery joined the Healthy Parks and Green Space Network I jointly run with Gemma Moore and Liza Griffin from UCL’s Bartlett Faculty. The Cemetery team also generously hosted our first in-person meeting, in one of their chapels. We organised a “green walk” to this from Archway station to help participants

January 15, 2024